How To Buy

Method 1 – Order via our online store (secured, quick and simple)

On our website, identify and select products you want.
Please, fill in accurate information to avoid confusion in processing and delivering your order.
Please, note the ‘product codes’ of the products.

Select quantity, size and colours and other specifications.

Click on “Buy Now” to add your items to Shopping Cart and click on checkout

Fill in relevant information (including your address, phone, payment method, etc) in the forms provided.

Confirm you order, make payment using your ATM cards/ Verve/Mastercard/Visa (or payment on delivery) and Check out.

And we will deliver your orders to you.

Method 2.

Customer may decide to contact us on phone by calling 08055095960 or 013423406 once products have been identified.  
Please, check the codes of the products.

Method 3.

You may also decide to send an email directly with details of your choice products on our website to